Activity Chart Instructions

  • You should have at least one activity from each category. If you do NOT have any activities for one of the categories, certify that you have no activities for that category.
  • Each activity must include:
    1. Category: School, Volunteer or Paid Work History
    2. A short title for the activity
    3. Frequency: One-time, seasonal, or ongoing
    4. Dates: Month and year of when you first began the activity
    5. Dates To: use ‘present’ if you are currently doing the activity, or enter month and year when you last did the activity
    6. Weekly hours: number of hours per week; give your best estimate
    7. A description of responsibilities and/or accomplishments associated with the activity (up to 115 characters)
  • Be brief. Pinpoint activities where you showed leadership, decision-making, and organizational skills, and areas where you received special recognition.
  • Limited to 20 activities.
  • To add an activity to the list, click on the ‘green +’ button.
  • To delete an activity from the list, click on the ‘red -‘ button.
  • Confirm that your Activities Chart is final.

Download Activity Chart PDF here