Laura Squiglio wins the November 2020 Excellence in Education Award: Several months ago we entered Laura Squglio in a contest from Northwest Community Credit Union being run through KKNU 93.3 for “Excellence in Education”. I had been given the information regarding the contest and asked Jerry to write something up about her. We just found out that she was the November 2020 winner. This now puts us in the running to win $1000.00 (which we would like to use for supplies for her culinary class). She is very deserving of this award. I’ve attached a photo of her, the certificate as well as what was written about her. I am also posting it below.“Laura Squglio is old school.Old school with love a mile wide for all the kids of Reedsport.In today’s school cafeteria of take and bake prefabbed meals, Laura simply says no thanks.Her meals are prepared from scratch old school.Why?Because she cares about everyone in our district from kids to teachers to a custodian who knows she is the keeper of the tots.Laura takes the time to teach those under her direction how to make great meals from the things provided by the state, which in this day and age isn’t easy.She pours her heart and soul in preparing meals for kids who otherwise would go hungry and she worries and cares for each and every one of them.If you need something special because of diet/health restrictions she’ll make sure you get it.Nobody gets left behind in Laura’s kitchen.This spring she prepared 200 handmade cinnamon rolls and chili for those meals heading out to kids during COVID.She bought out of her own pocket…ketchup because what she got wasn’t good enough for her kids.There are a lot of school cooks but there is only one Laura Squglio.”