The community of Reedsport has a long history of supporting its schools. Community members recently passed a bond measure that allowed for the complete renovation of both our school buildings. Our new registered teachers teach classes to supplement our regular curriculum with a wide variety of electives. And we depend on partnerships within our community to enhance our curriculum, provide special opportunities for extracurricular learning, and mentor our students.
Reedsport Educational Enrichment Foundation (REEF)

REEF is a nonprofit organization that strives through ongoing fundraising efforts to enhance the classroom experience and other educational opportunities for the students of the Reedsport School District. Drastic reductions in school funding at the state level have taken a toll on the academic opportunities once available in our local schools. REEF’s mission is to help compensate for those cuts. Since 2000, REEF has provided over $200,000 for the classroom and other educational opportunites, with funds raised from community, alumni and friends of the foundation. Our hats are off to them!
For more information about REEF, please click here.

Lower Umpqua Hospital

Lower Umpqua Hospital has been an essential presence in Reedsport and the surrounding area since 1964. The largest employer in our community, the hospital takes its partnerships with the school district seriously. Our flagship Introduction to Health Occupations and Medical Terminology classes are entirely taught by hospital staff.

In addition, doctors and staff members from the hospital and local clinics volunteer their time as coaches, mentors, and resources. For more information about Lower Umpqua Hospital and its mission in our community, please click here.

Braves Boosters

The Reedsport Brave Boosters Association is a non-profit organization involved in projects that support the athletic and activity programs for students in the Reedsport School District. Booster members generously donate their time and money year after year in support of these programs. For more information about Brave Boosters, please click here.

South Coast ESD provides educational expertise and services to RCCS to enhance the services we can provide our students. For more information, please click here.
Southwestern Oregon Community College partners with Reedsport Community Charter School to provide dual credit for a variety of upper-division classes and online opportunities for RCCS students. For more information, please click here.

Reedsport Community Charter School

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