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Seniors and Scholarships

Welcome to your final year of high school!

This page will provide important information specific to seniors throughout the year. Look here often as things will be updated and changed as more information is made available.

May this be your best academic year and the beginning of your future path! Just remember, you are BRAVE and you will stand tall looking back at all of your accomplishments this year!

Local Scholarships

Scholarship Opportunities

Top 175 Scholarships on the web. Click the image.

Instructions for: The ‘Local’ Scholarships

The Local Scholarship must include the following attachments and placed in the following order:

1. Local Application Cover Page

2.  Scholarship List page(s)

3.  Student Info and Goal page

4.  OSAC Essays page Click Here

5.  Current transcript

6.  Activity Chart Click Here

7.  Resume Click Here, Here, or Here.

8.  Letters of Recommendation (3) Click Here 

9.  Any additional requirements request from specific scholarship organizations.

National Scholarships

Reedsport Community Charter School

2260 Longwood Drive

Reedsport, Oregon 97467

PH: 541-271-2141

Office Hours:


7:00am – 4:00pm