‘We are an inclusive community, with heart, empowering all who enter our doors.’

Upcoming Budget and School Board Meeting:

July 8, 2020; 6:30pm

The Reedsport School District needs your help. There are so many questions in our minds about what school will look like next year and nearly all of the questions we have require us to know how many students will be in our buildings. Please answer the following 11 questions to help us know how many student to expect AND what the needs of our students will be next school year. The survey takes approximately 3 minutes. We will be asking for your contact info as part of our questions in order to keep track of who has responded. We might need to follow up with families who do not return a survey. Please only take the survey once per family. Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to help us plan school for next fall.



Jon Zwemke

Superintendent, Reedspor School District 105


Next School Board Meeting:

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

6:30 PM

This is a virtual meeting. To join us, a link will be provided the day of the meeting here:  coming soon

Comments and questions are welcome! Email them prior to our next meeting so the committee can address them.

Email to: Donna Shaw, Board Secretary dshaw@reedsport.k12.or.us

Any comment/testimony received by 3:00 PM the day of the meeting will be included in the meeting discussion.

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RSD Update

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ODE Report Card

Reedsport School District report card from ODE.

“Empowering individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.”


“We are an inclusive community, with heart, empowering all who enter our doors.”

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