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Notice of Budget  

Notice of Budget Meeting:

A public meeting of the Reedsport School District #105 Board of Directors will be held on June 14, 2023 at 6:30 pm at Reedsport District Office Board Room, 100 Ranch Road, Reedsport, OR 97467. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2023 as approved by the Reedsport School District #105 Budget Committee. A summary of the budget is presented below. A copy of the budget may be inspected or obtained at the Reedsport District Office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or online at www.reedsport.k12.or.us. This budget is for an annual budget period. This budget was prepared on a basis of accounting that is the same as the preceding year.

Supplemental Budget Notice


Board of Directors

About the Board

Reedsport District schools are governed by a five-member board, responsible for setting policies which are designed with the goal of delivering the best possible education to each child. The policies govern budgetary, facility and personnel resources, as well as the students, faculty and staff at each school. School Board policies also ensure that the local schools comply with state and federal laws.


The school board meets virtually in regular public sessions on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the District Office, 100 Ranch Road, Reedsport. This schedule sometimes varies, and special meetings and work sessions are scheduled as necessary.

The agenda for school board meetings and background information about the agenda are posted online in advance of each school board meeting.

How to watch: Board meetings and work sessions are streamed online.

See the Virtual Meeting Rules below or click here for a printable copy.

Meeting Calendar 

Public Comment

Anyone wishing to provide public comment or testimony may submit their comment/testimony in written form or email to the Board Secretary at the District Office.

Comment and testimony received by 3:00pm on the day of the meeting will be included in the meeting. Any comment/testimony received after 3:00pm and through the duration of the meeting will be added to the minutes but will not be included during the meeting.

Comment and testimony received after the meeting concludes will be saved for the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

Submit comments to: Sharmen Tipton, Board Secretary | stipton@reedsport.k12.or.us

  1. Mute your microphone
  2. Turn off your camera

By following these rules, our connection will run smoother and we will have less interruption and/or dely in our virtual stream.


Reedsport School Board Meetings

Calendar link

Attend our board meetings in-person at the District Office (100 Ranch Road) or join us virtually.

→ Click here to attend the board meeting virtually.

If you are joining virtually, please MUTE your microphone and TURN OFF your camera unless you are actively involved in the meeting. Thank you!

Watch a recorded board meeting

Access previous board meetings on our district’s YouTube channel.

School Board Links

Adopted Budgets

Board Directors

Robert Morin

Robert Morin

Position 1, Director

2023 – present

Term Expires: 06-30-2027

Email Robert

Carey Jones

Carey Jones

Position 4, Chair

2004 – present

Term Expires: 06-30-2027

Email Carey

Bonnie Booher

Bonnie Booher

Position 5, Vice Chair


Term Expires: 06-30-2027

Email Bonnie

Carrie Oldright

Carrie Oldright

Position 2, Director


Term Expires: 06-30-2027

Email Carrie

Jack Daily

Jack Daily

Position 3, Director

2021 – present

Term Expires: 06-30-2025

Email Jack

Board Meeting Agendas
2024 Agendas
2021 Agendas

Recognition Awards

Virtual Meeting Rules

Superintendent Awards

Students and families in the Reedsport School District are recognized monthly at the school board meeting for outstanding academic effort. The recognition comes in the form of the Superintendent’s Award. Staff who nominate students are on hand to present the award to the student in front of the school board.

    School Board Awards

    Teachers and staff in the Reedsport School District are recognized monthly at the school board meeting for being stand out leaders. Recipients are chosen by school board members and recognized in person at the their monthly meetings.

    October 2023

    • Jackson Plagmann
    • Danny Stemper

    February 2023

    • Lacey Schuttpelz
    • Beau Ingram
    • Myles Morga 
    • Sativa Warfor

    January 2023

    • Kieko  Lastra
    • Aubrey Carrington
    • Joseph Janiszewski
    • Seth Hill

    December 2022

    • Annabelle Applegarth
    • Kendall Dillahay
    • Charlie Sevits
    • Jayde Hollingsworth

    November 2022

    • Gabrielle Farris
    • Samantha Kramer
    • Michael Boyd
    • Jaden Dailey

    October 2022

    • Willow Hoile
    • Kailynn Kailynn
    • Jordan Kerns
    • Lily Arrington

    November 2021

    • Daniel Morris, 3rd Grade
    • Wyatt Hoile, 4th Grade
    • Cassy Smith, Language Arts
    • Sativa Rose Warford, Math

    March 2020

    • Ms. Wells, HES
    • Ms. Coudare, RCCS

    February 2020

    • Mrs. Plagmann, RCCS

    December 2019

    • Emily Brown 12th grade
    • Grady Sevits 8th grade
    • Elijah Zaita 1st Grade
    • Thomas Morgan 6th grade

    November 2019

    • Jaden Austin 1st grade
    • Zac Barnes 5th grade
    • Cheyenne McCart 11th grade
    • Myles Morgan 8th grade

    October 2019

    • Dakota Groat Kindergarten
    • Aaden Thurber 4th grade
    • Manyla Gunn 7th grade
    • Tristin Corrie 9th grade

    June 2019

    • Berst, Jayden 12th
    • Lastra-Ayala, Julian 12th
    • Gehring, Ashlee 12th
    • Zeller, Creo 8th

    May 2019

    • Joseph Kennedy 11th
    • Seth Durgeloh 4th
    • Bodhi Lion 2nd
    • Jacob Hutchinson 7th

    April 2019

    • Natalie Hammond – 7th grade
    • Samantha Howard – 11thgrade
    • Landon Stephens – 3rd Grade
    • Bryson Manicke – 5th grade

    March 2019

    • Gaberiel Foster 8th grade
    • Elsa Frakes 11th grade
    • Kambria Seely 4th grade
    • Mila Lara 1st grade

    February 2019

    • Mason Muilenburg Kindergarten
    • Logan Vitek 6th grade
    • Angelique Wilkins 8th grade
    • Ashley Schuttpelz 11th grade

    January 2019

    • Lars Kruzick-12th grade
    • Devin Johnson-4th grade
    • Brelle Carl –Kindergarten
    • Luke Lion—7th grade

    December 2018

    • Jace Joy-2nd grade
    • Madeline Carter-8th grade
    • Zachary Roelle-8th grade
    • Brooklyn Wilmarth-Kindergarten

    November 2018

    • Lillian Chivers-1st grade
    • Daelyn McGee-7th grade
    • Kyle Barnes-12th grade
    • Jarron Smiley-5th grade

    October 2018

    • David Sunder-3rd grade
    • Beau Ingram-1st grade
    • Morgan Williams-12th grade
    • Natalie Seeley-7th grade

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