* Our policies are being edited and are in the process of being updated in 2023. Anyone needing the current verions of a policy should contact the district office at 541-271-3656 or email Sharment Tipton at stipton@reedsport.k12.or.us

A/B - Board Governance and Operations
AA – School District Legal Status

AAA – District Boundary Description

AB – The People and Their School District

ACA – Americans with Disabilities Act 11-17-10

ACA-AR(1) – Americans With Disabilities Act

ACA-AR(2) – ADA Grievance Procedure

AD – Educational Philosophy

AC – Nondiscrimination

AC-AR – Discrimination Complaint Procedure

AC – Nondiscrimination

AE – District Goals

BA – School Board Goals

BAA – District Board Goal Setting

BB – School Board Legal Status

BBA – School Board Powers and Duties

BBAA – Individual Board Members Authority and Responsibilities

BBB – Board Elections 2009

BBB – Board Elections

BBBA – Board Member Qualifications

BBBB – Board Member Oath of Office

BBC – Board Member Resignation/Removal

BBE-AR – Candidate Information Sheet

BBE – Vacancies on the Board

BBEA – Charter Board Vacancies 10-20-10

BBF – Board Member Standards of Conduct

BBFA – Board Member Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

BBFAA – Conflict of Interest Policy 10-21-09

BBFB – Board Member Ethics and Nepotism

BBEA – Charter Board Vacancies 10-20-10

BBF – Board Member Standards of Conduct

BBFB – Board Member Ethics and Nepotism

BC – School Board Orga/Organizational Meeting

BCB – Board Offices

BCBAA – Student Representative to the Board

BCD – Board Superintendent Relationship

BCE – Board Committees

BCF – Advisory Committees to the Board

BCH – Consultants to the Board

BD/BDA – Board Meetings & Regular Board Meetings

BDB – Special and Emergency Board Meetings

BDC-AR – Executive Sessions

BDC – Executive Sessions

BDD – Board Meeting Procedures

BDDA – Notification of Board Meetings

BDDB – Board Meeting Agenda

BDDC – Agenda Format

BDDD – Quorum at Board Meetings

BDDE – Conduct of Board Meetings

BDDG – Minutes of Board Meetings

BDDH – Public Participation in Board

BDE – Public Hearings

BE – School Board Work Sessions

BF – Policy Development

BFC – Board Policy Adoption and Amendment

BFCA – Administrative Regulations

BFD – Board Policy Implementation

BFE – Administration in the Absence of Policy

BFF – Suspension of Polices

BFG – Board Policy Review

BG – Board/Staff Communications

BHA – Orientation of New Board Members

BHB – Board Member Development

BHD – School Board Compensation and Reimbursement

BHE – Board Member Liability Insurance

BHF – Indemnification of District School Directors and Employees

BI – School Board Legislative Program

BJ – School Board Memberships

AR - Administrative Regulations
E - Support Services
EA – Support Service Goals

EB – Safety Program

EBA – Buildings and Grounds Inspection

EBAC – Safety Committee

EBAC -Safety Committees 2009

EBB–AR – Regulations Regarding the Application of Pesticides

EBB – Integrated Pest Management

EBBA–AR – First Aid/Infection Control

EBBA – First Aid

EBBAA – Infection Control – HIV, AIDS, HBV

EBBAB – Hepatitis B & Bloodborne Pathogens

EBBB–AR – Student Accident Form

EBBB – Injury/Illness Reports

EBBCC – Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

EBC – Emergency Procedures and Disaster Plans

EBCB – Emergency Drills

EBCD – Emergency School Closures

ECA – Emergency School Closures

ECAA – Access to Buildings

ECAB – Vandalism-Malicious Mischief-Theft

ECD – Traffic and Parking Controls

ECF – Energy Conservations

EDB – Maintenance and Control of District Materials and Equipment

EDC–AR – Equipment or Materials Loan Agreement

EDC-AR1 – Use of School Owned Equipment and Materials

EDC – Authorized Use of School-Owned Equipment and Materials

EEA – Student Transportation Services

EEAB – School Bus Scheduling and Routing

EEAC – Bus Driver Training and Exam

EEAC – School Bus Safety Program

EEACA – School Bus Driver Examination and Training

EEACC–AR – Discipline Procedures for District-Approved Student Transportation

EEACC-AR – Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles

EEACCA – Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles

EEACD – Use of Private Vehicles for School Business

EEAE – Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

EEBA – District Vehicles & Seat Belts & Child Safety System

EEBA – District Vehicles

EEBB – Use of Private Vehicles for School Business

EF – Food Services Management

EFA – Local Wellness Program

EFAA – District Nutrition and Food Services

EFAA-AR – Reimbursable School Meals and Milk Programs

EFAB – Handling Lost, Stolen and Misused Meal Tickets

EFAC – Child Nutrition

EFB – Free and Reduced Price Meals

EFC – Vending Machines and School Stores

EFE–AR – Cafeteria Financial Report

EGAA – Reproduction of All Copyrighted Materials

EGAA-AR – Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Materials

EGAB – Mail and Delivery Service

EGACA – Cellular Telephones

EH – Data Dissemination

EHA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

EIA – Insurance Programs

G - Personnel

GA – Personal Policy Goals

GAA – Personnel Definitions

GAB – Job Descriptions

GB – General Personnel Policies

GBA – Equal Employment Opportunity

GBAA – Fair Labor Standards Act

GBB – Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBC – Staff Ethics

GBCBA – Alcohol Controlled Substance Use

GBD – Board-Staff Communications

GBDA – Mother Friendly Workplace

GBE – Staff Health and Safety

GBEB – Communicable Disease

GBEBA – Staff–HIV, AIDS, and HBV

GBEBB – HIV, AIDS HBV–Staff Accommodations

GBEBD – Communication–Staff & Student & Public–HIV and AIDS

GBEBDA – Staff & Students–Rumor Control–HIV, AIDS, and HBV

GBEBE – News Media–HIV, AIDS or HBV

GBEC–AR – Notice to Employees Engaged in Work on Federal Grants

GBEC – Drug-Free Workplace

GBED – Medical Examinations & Drug Testing

GBEDA – Drug and Alcohol Testing–Transportation Personnel

GBEDA-AR – Drug and Alcohol Testing–Transportation Personnel

GBF – Staff Participation in Community Activities

GBG – Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBH – Staff & Student & Parent Relations

GBH – Staff-Student-Parent Relations 2009

GBHA – Parental Relationship

GBI – Gifts and Solicitations

GBJ – Weapons in Schools–Nonstudents

GBK/JFCG/KGC – Prohibited Tobacco Products

GBL – Personnel Records

GBLA – Disclosure of Information

GBM – Staff Complaints

GBMA – Whistleblower

GBN–AR – Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

GBN/JBA G1 – Sexual Harassment

GBNA – Hazing Harassment Intimidation Bullying Menacing Cyberbullying-Staff

GBNA-AR – Hazing Harassment Intimidation Bullying Menacing Cyberbullying

GBNAA/JFCFA – Cyberbulling 10-17-12

GC – Licensed Staff Positions 11-17-10

GCA – License Requirements

GCAA–AR – Performance Standards by Position Matrix

GCAA – Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance

GCAB – Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media–Staff

GCBAA – Salary Placement–Out of District Experience

GCBB – Supplemental Pay Plans

GCBC – Insurance Benefits

GCBCA – Continuation Coverage Health Benefits

GCBDA – Family Medical Leave

GCBDA-GDBDA – Family Medical Leave 2-17-10

GCBDA-GDBDA-AR(3)(D) – Military Family Leave

GCBDA-AR6 – Sick Leave Definition

GCBDAB-AR – Dock Pay Leave

GCBDA-GDBDA-AR(2) – Employee Request for OFLA Leave

GCBDA-GDBDA-AR(4) – FMLA.OFLA Eligibility Notice to Employees

GCBDB – Early Return to Work Procedures

GCBDB-AR – Early Return to Work Procedures

GCBDC-GDBDC – Domestic Violence/Harassment/Sexual Assault/Stalking Leave

GCBDC-GDBDC-AR – Eligible Employee Request for Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking Leave


GCBDE-GDBDE – Military Leave of Absence

GCBF – Break in Service

GCC – Recruitment of Licensed Staff 11-17-10

GCDA-GDDA. – Criminal Records Checks Fingerprinting

GCDA-GDDA-AR – Criminal Record–Fingerprinting

GCEA – Substitute Teachers

GCED–AR – Temporary Licensed Employees

GCEE-AR – Retired Licensed Employee

GCIA – Assignments and Transfer

GCIA-AR – Assignments and Transfers

GCL – Staff Development

GCL_GDL – Staff Development

GCL-AR1 – Staff Development–Licensed

GCN – Evaluation of Licensed Staff

GCNA – Evaluation of Administration Staff

GCPB & GDPB – Resignation of Staff

GCPC – Retirement of Licensed Staff

GCPD – Suspension and Dismissal of Licensed Employees

GCQA – Nonschool Employement

GCQAB-AR – Tutoring & Coaching for Pay

GCQB – Research

GCQC – Exchange Teaching

GCQD – Professional Meetings

GCQE – Student Teachers

GD – Classified Staff-Classified Staff Positions 11-17-10

GDA-AR – Classified Employee Advancement on Salary Schedule

GDA-AR1 – Classified Salary Schedule Placement

GDA – Instructional Assistants

GDC – Recruitment of Classified Staff

GDCA – Posting of Vacancies

GDEA – Substitute Classified Employees

GDEA-AR – Substitute Classified Employees

GDED-AR – Temporary Classified Employees

GDEE-AR – Retired Classified Employee

GDI – Notice of Employment

GDN – Evaluation – Classified Staff

GDO – Promotions of Classified Staff

GDPA-AR – Classified Reduction in Force

GDPB – Resignation of Classified Employees

GDPC – Retirement of Classified Staff

GDPD – Suspension and Dismissal of Classified Personnel

I - Instruction

IA – Instructional Goals

IB – Freedom of Expression

IBDJA – Relationships with Home Schooled Students

IBDJA-AR – Home School Student Eligibility

IC – School Year & School Calendar

ID – School Day

IF – Curriculum Development

IFA – Curriculum Research & Pilot Programs

IFC – Oregon 21st Century Schools Program

IFCA – 21st Century School Councils

IFCA-AR – 21st Century Schools Councils-Administrative Rules

IFE – Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

IFF – District Provided Instruction 12-16-09

IGAC – Teaching about Religion

IGAEA – HIV, AIDS, HBV, and HCV Health Education

IGAEB – Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention, Health Education

IGAI – Human Sexuality, AIDS-HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Health Education

IGAJ – Traffic Safety Education

IGAJ-AR – Traffic Safety Education

IGAM – Distance Learning

IGB – Optional Instructional Programs

IGBA – Students with Disabilities

IGBA-AR – Child Identification Procedures

IGBAB/JO-AR – Education Records-Records of Students with Disabilities Management

IGBAB/JO – Education Records-Records of Students with Disabilities 10-17-12

IGBAB-AR – Confidentiality–Education Records of Students with Disabilities

IGBAC – Special Education–Personnel

IGBAE – Special Education–Participation in Regular Education Programs

IGBAE-AR – Special Education–Participation in Regular Programs

IGBAF – Special Education-Individualized Education Program (IEP)

IGBAF-AR – Special Education–Individualized Education Programs (IEP)

IGBAG – Special Education–Procedural Safeguards

IGBAG-AR – Special Education–Procedural Safeguards

IGBAH – Special Education–Evaluations Procedures

IGBAH-AR – Special Education–Evaluation and Eligibility Procedures

IGBAI – Special Education-Private Schools

IGBAI-AR – Special Education–Private Schools

IGBAJ – Special Education–Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)

IGBAJ-AR – Special Education–Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)

IGBAK – Special Education–Public Availability of State Application

IGBAL – Special Education–Services for Home-Schooled Students with Disabilities

IGBAM – Special Education for Students Not Enrolled in District Schools

IGBB – Talented and Gifted Programs

IGBC – Title I & Parental Involvement

IGBD – Programs for Pregnant Students

IGBG – Homebound Instruction

IGBGA – Home Tutoring Services

IGBH – Alternative School Programs

IGBHA – Alternative Education Programs

IGBHA-AR – Evaluation of Alternative Education Programs

IGBHA-AR1 – Evaluations of Alternative Education Programs–District Summary

IGBHB – Establishment of Alternative Education Programs

IGBHB-AR – Establishment of Alternative Education Programs

IGBHC – Alternative Education Notification

IGBHD – Program Exemptions

IGBHE – Expanded Options Program

IGBHE-AR – Expanded Options Program

IGBI – English as a Second Language

IGBI-AR – English as a Second Language

IGCD – Advance College Placement

IGCF – Student/Community Relations

IGCG – Service Learning

IGD – Co-Curricular & Extracurricular Activities

IGDA – Student Organizations

IGDA-AR – Student Organizations

IGDB – Student Publications

IGDD – Student Performance

IGDE – Student Activity Fees

IGDF – Student Fund-Raising Activities

IGDG – Student Activity Funds

IGDH – Contests for Students

IGDJA – Student Athletic and Activities Drug Testing Program

IGDJAA – Fund Raising for Activities

IGDJA-AR – Student Activities and Athletics Drug Testing Program

IGDJ – Activities and Athletics Code of Conduct

IGDJ-AR1 – Activities and Athletics COD of Conduct OSAA Fines and Ejections Rule

IGDK – Non-School Sponsored Student and Athletic Tours, Trips, Competitions

IGE – Adult Education Programs

IGEB – Adult High School Programs

IH – Instructional Arrangements

IHB – Class Size

IHGA – Alternative Instructional Programs

II – Instructional Resources Instructional Materials

IIA – Instructional Resources Instructional Materials

IIAA – Textbook Selection and Adoption

IIABB – Use of Films in the School

IIAC – Library Materials Selection and Adoption

IIAD – Special Interest Materials

II-AR – Instructional Materials Selection

II-AR – Materiales de Instrucción Elección

IIBD – Library Media Center

IIBGA – Electronic Communications Systems

IIBGA-AR – Electronic Communications System

IIBGB – Web Pages

IIBGB-AR – Web-Site Guidelines

IIC – Field Trips and Excursions

IICB – Community Resources Persons

IICC- Volunteers

IJ – Guidance Program

IJA – Confidentiality in Counseling

IK – Academic Achievement

IKA – Grading System

IKAB – Student Progress Reports to Parents

IKAD – Grade Reduction, Credit Denial

IKB – Homework

IKC – Class Rankings

IKD – Honor Rolls

IKE – Promotion and Retention of Students

IKF – Graduation Requirements

IKF-AR – Graduation Requirements

IKFA – Early Graduation

IKF-AR2 – Certificate of Achievement

IKFB – Graduation Exercises

IKGA-AR – District Standards

IKH – Credit for Proficiency

ILBA – Assessment Exemption

ILBA-AR – Assessment Exemption

IM – Instructional Program Renewal

IMB – Student Achievement Program

INB – Teaching About Controversial Issues

INCA – Political Figures in the School

INCA-AR – Controversial Speakers

INDB – Flag Displays and Salutes

INE – Assemblies

ING – Animals in District Facilities

ING-AR – Animals in ESD Facilities

INI – Animal Dissection

J - Students
JA – Student Policies, Goals and Objectives

JB – Equal Education Opportunity

JBAA – Section 504–Students

JBA-AR – Reporting Sexual Harassment of Students

JB-AR – Equal Education Opportunity Plan

JE – Attendance

JEA – Compulsory Attendance

JEBA – Legal Age of Students–Kindergarten

JEBA-AR – Early Entrance Into Kindergarten

JEC – Admissions

JECA – Admission of Resident Students

JECAA – Admissions of Part-Time Private School Students

JECAA-AR – Admissions of Part-Time Private School Students

JECAB – Dual Residency

JECAC – District, Student, Parent Relations

JECB – Admission of Nonresident Students

JECB-AR – Admission of Nonresident Students

JECBA – Admission of Exchange Students

JECBA-AR – Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

JECBD-AR – Homeless Students

JECBD – Homeless Students

JECC – Assignments of Students to Schools

JECD – High School Transfer Credit and or Correspondence Credits

JECDA – Transcript Evaluation

JECDA-AR – Transcript Evaluation Procedures

JECE – Student Withdrawal from School

JECF – Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students

JECF-AR – Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students

JED – Student Absences and Excuses

JEDA – Truance/Non-Attendance During Hunting

JEDB – Student Dismissal Precautions

JEF – Released Time for Students

JEFA – Open Campus

JEF-AR – Early Release From School

JEFB – Release Time For Religious Instruction

JF/JFA – Student Rights and Responsibilities

JFB – Student Involvement in Decision Making

JFBA – Student Government

JFC – Student Conduct

JFCA – Student Dress and Grooming

JFCB – Care of School Property by Students

JFCC – Student Conduct on Buses

JFCE – Secret Societies

JFCEA – Secrets Societies/Gangs

JFCEB – Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media

JFCF – Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Menacing, Bullying, Cyberbulling, Teen Dating Violence, Domestic Violence

JFCFA/GBNAA – Cyberbullying 10-17-12

JFCF-AR – Version 2 10-17-12

JFCG/JFCH/JFCI – Use of Tobacco Products, Alcohol, Drugs or Inhalant Delivery Systems

JFCG-AR – Discipline for Us, Possession, Distribution or Sale of Tobacco Products or Inhalant Delivery Systems

JFCG/GBK/KGC – Prohibited Tobacco Products

JFCI – Substance Abuse

JFCIA – Student Drug testing

JFCIA-AR – Student Drug Testing

JFCJ – Weapons in the Schools

JFCM – Threats of Violence

JFCM -Threats of Violence 2009

JFE – Pregnant and Parenting Students

JFF – Married Students

JFG – Student Searches

JFG-AR – Student Searches

JFH – Student Complaints

JFI – Student Demonstrations and Petitions

JGA – Corporal Punishment

JGAB – Use of Restraint and Seclusion

JGAB-AR – Use of Restraint and Seclusion

JGAE – Use of Restraint and Seclusion

JGB – Detention of Students

JGDA/JGEA–AR – Discipline of Disabled Students

JGDA/JGEA – Discipline of Disabled Students

JGD – Suspension

JGEA – Alternative Educational Programs

JGE – Expulsion

JG – Student Discipline

JH – Student Welfare

JHA – Student Insurance Program

JHC – Student Health Services and Requirements

JHCA – Physical Examinations of Students

JHCA/JHCB – Immunization, Physical Examination and Vision

JHCB – Immunization of Students

JHCCA – Students – HIV, and HBV and AIDS

JHCC-AR – Procedures for Dealing with Students Having HIV, AIDS or HBV

JHCCF-AR – Pediculosis (Head Lice)

JHCCF – Pediculosis (Head Lice)

JHCD/JHCDA-AR – Prescription/Nonprescription Medication

JHCD/JHCDA-AR – Prescription/Nonprescription Medication

JHCDA – Prescription Medication

JHCD-AR – Administrator Noninjectable Medicines to Students

JHDA – Psychological Testing of Students

JHF – Student Safety

JHFA – Supervision of Students

JHFC – Student Bicycle Use

JHFCA – Student Skateboard Roller Blade Scooter Use

JHFD – Student Automobile Use

JHFDA – Suspension of Driving Privileges

JHFE/KN-AR – Abuse of a child Investigations conducted on District Premises 10-17-12

JHFE – Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child 10-17-12

JHFE – Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Child-AR 10-17-12

JHFF – Reporting Requirements Regarding Sexual Conduct with Students

JHFF-AR – Reporting Requirements Regarding Sexual Conduct with Students

JHHA – Crisis Prevention and Response

JHHA-AR – Crisis Prevention and Response

JI – Student Recognition Program

JL – Student Gifts and Solicitations

JM – Staff Student Relations

JN – Student Fees, Fines and Charges

JO-AR – Education Records Management

JO/IGBAB – Education Records-Records of Students with Disabilities 10-17-12

JO/IGBAB-AR – Education Records-Records of Students with Disabilities Management

JOA – Directory Information 2009

JOA – Directory Information

JOB – Personally Identifiable Information

JOD – Media Access to Students

K/L - Community Relations
KA – School-Community Relations Goals and Objectives

KAA – Public Relations

KAB – Parental Rights

KB – Public Information Programs

KBA – Public Records

KBAA – Reader Board 5-19-10

KBA-AR – Public Records

KBE – Elections Campaigns

KC – Community Involvement Decision-Making

KFCJ – Dangerous Weapons at School (Public)

KG – Community Use of School Facilities

KGA – Public Sales on School Property

KG-AR – Community Use of Facilities and Equipment

KGB – Public Conduct on District Property

KGC/GBK/JFCG – Prohibited Tobacco Products

KGF – District Equipment Use

KH – Public Gifts to the District

KI – Commercial Advertising

KI-AR – Commercial Advertising

KJA – Materials Distribution

KK – Visitors to the Schools

KL – Public Complaints

KL AR – Public Complaints Procedure

KLB – Public Complaints About Curriculum & Instructional & Library Materials

KLC – Public Complaints About Use of Facilities

KLD – Public Complaints About School Personnel

KMA – Community Learning Centers

KMAA – Community Learning Centers Program

KMAA-AR – Community Learning Centers Advisory Board Position Description

KN – Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies

KN-AR Abuse of a Child or Other Investigations Conducted on District Premises

KN/JHFE-AR(2) – Abuse of a child Investigations conducted on District Premises -AR 10-17-12

KN-AR – Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies

KO – Community Education – HIV, AIDS, HBV

LBE – Public Charter Schools

LBE-AR – Public Charter Schools

LBEA – Resident Student Denial for Virtual Public Charter School Attendance

LGA – Compliance with Standards

LGA-AR – Public Appeals and Complaints About Alleged Violations of Standards

LGA-AR2 – Direct Appeals to the State Superintendent Public Instruction About Alleged Violation of Standards

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